Fight for climate justice!

End coal!

 November 4, 2017

Climate March at COP23
12 p.m. (noon), Münsterplatz, Bonn


The Paris Agreement is a glimmer of hope. The world now has a common goal to stop the climate crisis. However, the world is still on track for dangerous global warming. Governments are not doing enough to stop the climate crisis.

The lives and livelihoods of millions of people are under threat, entire island states are in danger of disappearing from rising sea-levels.Only decisive and rapid action in all countries can deliver a safe climate for all. Tackling climate change means a rapid phase out of fossil fuels, including the burning of coal and sufficient support for poor countries suffering from the impacts of climate change.

Fiji, one of the many islands facing huge damages without the rapid phase out of fossil fuels, will lead this year's climate summit in Bonn. There, government officials will negotiate the implementation of the Paris Agreement, just a few kilometres away from one of the largest, most polluting coal mining regions in Europe. Thus, those responsible for the climate crisis will be linked to those facing the heaviest impacts at this years’ summit in an unprecedented way.

Although the German government likes to portray itself as a “climate champion”, Germany still gets more power from coal than from renewable sources. It is even slowing down its renewable energy transition, and missing its own climate targets.

We have to act now: At the climate summit in November we will march with thousands of people from around the world for climate justice and 100% renewable and sustainable energy. We call upon our governments and Germany to implement the Paris Agreement, to speed up the energy transition, and to commit to phasing out coal! Only a rapid, planned, and socially just transition can offer hope for climate vulnerable communities, workers and mining regions, and ensure a sustainable future for us all!

Join us on November 4th in Bonn to protest against coal and raise your voice for climate justice.

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Where do we march for climate justice?
The climate march starts at noon at Münsterplatz in Bonn. The route: Münsterplatz, Am Neutor, Am Hofgarten, Adenauerallee, Willy-Brandt-Allee, Rheinweg, Joseph-Beuys-Allee, Genscherallee. The final rally will be held at the Genscherallee until 4:30 pm. We will listen to some of the many activists coming to Bonn to fight for climate justice – from the region, form the Pacific Islands, Latin America ...  –  and there will be soup and music, too! More information about the program will follow soon.

Dress red – let's draw a red line against coal!
We will show our "STOP!" by wearing red clothes – we are the red line against coal! You are invited to bring a red jacket, hat or scarf to the march.

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